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About Kraket

Kraket is the study association for Econometrics and Operations Research at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. The name Kraket stands for 'Kritische Aktuarissen en Econometristen', meaning critical actuaries and econometricians. Our study association was founded on july 14, 1972 and at the moment we have 663 members.


  • November 21

    Upcoming student drinks EOR
  • November 24

    End of the Month drink: Amsterdam
  • November 30

    Seminar and drinks with Building Blocks
  • December 1

    Upcoming student drinks EDS
  • December 6

  • January 12

    Skiing trip

Business Events

  • November 23

    Flow Traders - Business Course
  • December 7

    Financial Risk Inhousedag
  • December 8

    PWC - Deals Inhouseday


Bachelor's degree
October 6 2017

Today 26 Econometrics & Operations Research students received their Bachelor's degree. On behalf of Kraket we congratulate them and we wish them every success with their further education. 

Certificates for special members
June 29 2017

During the Kraketweekend, certificates have been handed out to the members who have drawn attention to themselves in a special way. These were given to the person in particulair to place on the bedside table and are a decoration to the wall in the Kraketkamer. It's concerning the following members:

- "Amsterdamerisation" for Martijn Smink

- "Best Import" for Sjors Houben

- "Clicking Kraketter" for Nienke van 't Klooster

- "Krakets Wise Tukker" for Elizabeth Izaks

- "Lustrum Hero" for Sven Oldenburger

- "Most Present Member" for Demi de Kort

- "Most active nonactive Member" for GIlles Kruisselbrink

- "Most Lucrative Member" for Tom Stals

The motivation for the certificates can be read on the certificates themselves. You can admire them in the Kraketkamer. On behalve of the association we thank the members for their effort and ideas!

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