Current Board

The board 2022-2023

f.l.t.r: Lisanne, Cemre, Lotte, Tom, Robin

Chairman: Lotte Witke
Vice-chairman & Treasurer & External Affairs Officer: Tom Ouwerkerk
Secretary & Marketing Affairs Officer: Cemre Süler
Internal Affairs Officer & External Affairs Officer: Lisanne Tigchelaar
Educational Affairs Officer & Marketing Affairs Officer: Robin Witstok

Chairman - Lotte Witke:

Hi! I am Lotte and I am the chairman of Board 51. I am super excited to make this an unforgettable year, together with my awesome fellow boardmembers. I hope to let all our fellow econometricians enjoy every single activity that Kraket has to offer. My personal favorites are the ones where we will be skiing, dancing or singing/cheering. For the upcoming year I will thus be looking forward to the skitrip, all EGW’s and FriAfDri’s and the sportcompetitions we will be playing/watching together. I will be spending a lot of time working in the Kraketroom, but you are always free to distract me for an iced coffee, a game of Regenwormen or if you need motivation or studytips for your studies). If you have a question or you want to get rid of your hangover, feel free to join us in Area 51 ;).

Vice-chairman & Treasurer & External Affairs Officer - Tom Ouwerkerk:

I am Tom Ouwerkerk and this year I will be the vice-chairman, treasurer and together with Lisanne I will be the external affairs officer of Kraket. In my free time I like to play soccer, make music or play boardgames. Next year we want everyone to feel welcome at our association. As treasurer I will monitor if there is enough budget for these ambitions. Besides all that I can assist Lotte as the vice-chairman. I think we are going to form a great team! I will also join Lisanne and have talks with all the companies to get the revenue of Kraket, which I then can divide as the treasurer. I am looking forward to a beautiful year together with board 51 and I hope to see you around in the Kraket-room next year!

Secretary & Marketing Affairs Officer - Cemre Süler:

Hey! I am Cemre Süler and this year I will be a board member at Kraket. To be more precise, I am going to be the secretary and the (online) marketing affairs officer. This means I manage everything online, the site, the wiki and the emails, but also the instagram and other social media. So do you have an online-related problem, a fun idea, or do you just want to play a (board)game, you can find me in the Kraket-room. I hope to see you around!



Internal Affairs Officer & External Affairs Officer - Lisanne Tigchelaar:

Hi everyone! I am Lisanne Tigchelaar and next year I will be the internal- and external affairs officer. Sound like a busy job, but luckily I will not have to do it all by myself. Tom will assist me with the external affairs and Robin will help me by supervising some of the committees! I am really looking forward to next year and I hope a lot of Kraketters will be very active. I also hope everything stays normal next year, regarding the corona pandemic and that we can organise a lot of FriAfDri's and inhousedays. You can find me next year in the Kraket-room, where I will spend most of my time. So come by to talk or to play a game in your break!

Educational Affairs Officer & Marketing Affairs Officer - Robin Witstok:

My name is Robin Witstok and I will be a third year student next year. I will take on the positions of marketing and educations officer in the candidate board. As the marketing officer, I will be in charge of the physical marketing. This includes the booklets for activities, flyers etc., but also Kraket merchandise. In addition to this I will be responsible for the level of education of the econometrics bachelors and masters studies. Besides the work I have to do for my positions, I will also be present at all activities and spend as much time as possible in the Kraket room. So if you have any questions, want to have a chat or just play a game, that’s where you can probably find me.

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