A week in the life of Lia Mendeszoon

Hi everyone, I am Lia. Currently, I am in my second year of econometrics and operations research. Besides that, I am also the vice-chairman, marketing and external affairs officer of the 49th board of Kraket. In this article I will tell you about my week as a board member. Unfortunately, this year, a lot takes place online, but this does not mean I learned less from my board year. I have gained so much experience over the year, from working with Adobe Ccreative programs to having company meetings and finding new partners for Kraket.

Since it's the start of the week, first things first: coffee. In my eyes an essential you need, when being a board member. After coffee, I start my week by having the weekly board meeting. We go over all the coming events, evaluate on passed events and discuss other matters. After this my to-do list is filled, so ready to start the work. 

Every Monday there’s a new SECTOR article online. For me, this means a new Instagram post. All posts are made in a template in Adobe illustrator to keep the consistency on our social media. I prepare the post and also look if there are other things that need to be promoted this week. 

Then it’s time to  check my email. Since I work from three mailboxes, it is super important to keep everything organized. For external affairs I often need things from companies such as advertisements and new vacancies. I like to request these on Monday, because then I’m more likely to have them at the end of the week. 

Tuesdays I usually work and spend some time studying. Since this is a part time board, I try to follow some courses, so I don’t have to do them next year. Of course, when we have a very busy week with a lot of activities, I skip studying and try to help prepare things.


Wednesday morning, I start at 9:00 with the Kraket Inspiration Day committee meeting. After, I check my inboxes for responses I might have received new e-mails. Occasionally, Friederike from Career Services and I have a meeting to keep each other up-to-date on what’s going on in the association and events we have in the coming weeks. In the evening the Ecotribune committee has a meeting, which I have to attend as a supervisor. It is super fun to supervise a few committees, and of course super important that you know what is going on in the committees. We always update each other on the committees during the board meeting on Monday so I try to always attend the committee meeting or at least read the minutes. 

Thursdays we start the morning with a Kraket weekend meeting at 11:00 to brainstorm and arrange the fun activities for coming June. Then, around 13:00 I have a business call with Estée to get to know a new company and find new partners. Then the most fun part of the day: the almanac committee meeting. We discuss themes, design and content of the coming almanac. Because this year there were a lot less printed booklets, I wanted to do something extra: I chose to become a member of the almanac committee. At night I have hockey training and spend the night with my roommates. 

Friday, I sleep in a bit and have a chill breakfast. After I take a look at the to-do list I made on Monday and see if there are things that are still left. This can vary from making new posts in Illustrator to sending emails to companies. I end the day with a fun FriAfDri. 

During the whole week I need to keep our social media channels up-to-date and check the Kraket WhatsApp.

I have such a varied package of things to do that every week is different. However, I hope you now have an impression of what an average week in my life looks like! In case you have any more questions about my function, you can always approach me or the other board members.

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