Inhouseday: Priogen

Note: This activitiy is for 3rd year and higher students only (and master students)

During the in-house day, you will have the unique opportunity to go behind the scenes and see what it means to trade on the European Power Market. You will have a chance to tour the office, meet some of our Priogen champions, take part in a Priogen company case, and finish the day off with some friendly competition on the padel court!

Because electricity cannot (economically) be stored, the power price on a given day is the direct result of fundamental supply and demand. For an independent trading company such as Priogen, understanding how certain events influence supply and demand is vital in forecasting the price accurately. During the company case, you will be presented with various situations where you will be responsible for assuming one of two roles: first, the role of a Priogen research team; and second, the role of a Priogen trading team.

During the research case, you will be given numerous scenarios influencing the European power market, for which you must determine whether power prices will go up, down, or stay the same for next week, and provide justification for this choice. During the trading case, you will be responsible for deciding whether to sell or buy based on rapidly changing market events.

Costs: Free | Capacity: 20

Sign Up and Free Cancellation: March 20, 13:00 - March 27, 13:00

Late Sign Up (No Cancellation): March 27, 13:00 - April 3, 13:00

Note: Late unregistrations or not showing up may lead to a fine. Always contact someone from the board if you are unable to come. You can find the fine policy here. It is also expected you attend the whole activity when you sign up.

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