We want you for Board 52

Hi all, we are the Electoral Committee. We are a group of passionate Kraketters. We took the task of picking board 52 upon us. In this article we will go over some of the most common questions around the process of selecting this new board. 

Each year the board of Kraket switches and a new group of Kraketters starts with this important task of leading our association. Before these people can start, there is a whole process of selecting them. This all starts with informing all of you about being a board member. This is done in a lot of ways so you can be prepared as well as possible. This week (13-17 Februari), each day there is a new Sector article from one of the board members to tell you about their experiences in this year. On the same day they do an instagram story take-over. This shows you the day to day life of a board member.

Ofcourse, you will still have some questions left after seeing this. No worries, we have prepared something for you, the speeddate event. On this day you can talk to the current board members and ask them all your questions. You get to pick the people you want to talk to so you can specifically talk about the functions you find most interesting. We as the Electoral Committee are also present if you have any questions about the board, the process or any other talks you want to have with us. One round takes 12 minutes, in which you can fire all your questions.  From previous experiences, we suggest that you speeddate with as many as possible functions that you find interesting. This is because you may not know all the responsibilities or tasks of a specific function. Perhaps you will be surprised?! 

After this day the applications are open.. The application deadline is the 17th of March, 23:59. When you sign-up, you have to hand in your cv, a motivation letter and a study plan. If you have any preferences for a specific function, you can specify this in the motivation letter.  There was an email sent, to, Thursday 9th of February, to you with all the information about the application. Here, you can find what is exactly expected from you and the things we need.  Note that applying for the board is without any obligations. You can back out at any moment. So, if you are still in a doubt, just sign up and decide along the way with us if you really want to continue. 

Talking about doubts, there is even one more thing that can help you makeup your mind. After the great success of last year, the instagram reels are back! In these short videos a current board member will talk about all important topics of being a board member and specifically about their function. If all of this is not enough, we are always open for a talk. Just send us a message, come over if you see us or send an email and we are happy to answer all your questions.

Finally, we would like to stress out that it is important that you inform yourself the best way possible. For that reason, the board members and the committee members are always available to get a coffee with you, such that you are able to ask your questions. Do not hesitate to reach out. If you have any questions, you can send an email to kiescommissie@kraket.nl

We are looking forward to seeing you at the speeddate event!

- The Electoral Committee

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