The dusk of another year

The academic year is close to an end, which brings the end of this year’s edition of SECTOR with it. This year’s edition has been as exciting as always for the SECTOR committee members, with a number of articles relating to econometrics, data science, statistics, and economics have graced the online page of SECTOR once again this year. This ranged from the effect of the timing of announcements by the central banks on the financial markets, to finding a way to disentangle the effects of micro and macro factors on the economy, to a number of book reviews regarding different topics. 

This year’s goal for SECTOR was to mainly get a reasonable number of articles focused a bit more on the classical side of econometrics. The previous year’s issue of SECTOR did a phenomenal job of branching out into different paths and showing where econometrics can be applied outside of economics and finance. Thus, for this year’s issue, we wanted to return to the roots of econometrics, and introduce new developments in the fields of economics and finance from a more theory focused econometric point of view. The articles from Dr. Hoesch and Dr. Van der Werve turned out to be a perfect fit for this theme, providing a clear path forward in econometric literature on the fields of time series and panel data analysis for young econometricians. 

This year’s edition was also filled with stories from students’ themselves, ranging from the experience of doing an internship at Microsoft as an Econometrics and Data Science student, to the success of Kraket’s very own Diversity and Development Day, to a small preview into the different minors and students’ personal experiences. These stories were each a delight to publish, and contained clear and useful advice for current students in their first and second years. 

In addition, we want to thank professor Henk Tijms for his numerous columns and puzzles which we were able to publish on SECTOR. It was a joy to read on the Riddler’s interesting puzzle, to OR side of the Kelly criterion, and the always interesting puzzle from StatOR. 

Finally, I want to thank my committee members, who I had the pleasure of sharing the burdens of this year’s edition of SECTOR with. The interviews with the different companies, from Optiver to Aegon, were a delight to do together with my fellow members. 

Last but not least, I want to thank all of the readers of SECTOR! It was and remains a joy to supply a steady supply of interesting articles to you, and we will aim to keep this up. We will make sure you have something to look forward to after the break!

I wish everyone a wonderful summer!

Just de Groot

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