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Hi everyone. My name is Denise and I am the secretary of the 50th board of Kraket. Next to this function, I am also the marketing officer together with Sun. With this article you will get an impression on what a week in my life looks like. I decided to write about the week from the 6th of March until the 11th of March. This week represents my board life very well.


Usually, every Monday morning starts similarly. We start the week with our board meeting. As a secretary, I am responsible for the minutes during board meetings. The weekend before was my birthday. So when the meeting finished, my fellow board members had a surprise for me. We ate some cake and I got a nice gift. 

After this break, I had some active member meetings. Every board member has several of these meetings, so we get to know how it is going with our committee members. The committees are very important for the association. As a board member, you also get to supervise committees. I supervise the SECTOR and the Ecotribune committee. On Monday I had a meeting with the Ecotribune committee, where the topics for the next edition were discussed.

Afterwards I wrote the text for the monthly planning on WhatsApp. Every first Monday of the month this planning with the activities that will open during the corresponding month will be sent via WhatsApp. If you don’t get this planning yet, add +31 6 83169846 to your contacts and send a message with your name and that you want to receive the monthly planning. (Sorry for the promotion, that’s a marketing habit)

My day ended with posting the newest SECTOR article on the website. The committee always makes sure the article is ready to be published, and my task as a secretary is to make sure that it will also look good on the website.


This Tuesday I decided to work from home. I usually do this once a week. In contrast to the previous day, I didn’t have any meetings at all. As timing is very important, I updated my planning so all press-work will be made on time, everything will be on the website on the right day and the Canvas messages, WhatsApp messages and emails will be sent on time. 

I also used my Tuesday to make 4 different posters for the Kraketroom.

Lastly, I was busy with updating the website.


In a board year, we are always very busy with the activities that are organized. On Wednesday, we had the 0th year drinks. During these drinks we welcomed high school students that are interested in studying Econometrics. It was very nice to have these people in the Kraketroom. Next to having social activities on a day, I also worked on the website. I put the committee hoodie on the website. Haven’t seen it yet? No worries! Promotion will follow soon. I also put the pictures of the previous activities on the website. 

In the evening we had an activity again! We got to enjoy the charity auction. Here there were, of course, a lot of pictures taken.


This Thursday was a day with a lot of contact with others. For example, I sent mails to other study associations about their constitution drinks or almanacs. But I also used the Canvas to promote the minor market to the second-year students. As usual, I adapted the website accordingly to what was needed that day. I also worked out the minutes of Monday’s board meeting. I also had another active members meeting. Lastly, I sent the approved posters to the Repro.


On Friday morning I worked. Next to my board year, I work 2 - 5 hours a week as a domestic helper. Afterwards, I went to the VU and went to the Repro to pick up the posters I sent the day before. This Friday we closed the room a little earlier to have a meeting about the legendary Kraket Weekend. Sorry, I am not going to spoil something about that. After this meeting, we went to a restaurant for our former board activity. It was very nice to see the members from the previous boards. After dinner we went to the Bierfabriek, to have some drinks with them. 

If you have any questions about being a secretary or a marketing officer, don’t hesitate to contact me!

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