Life after graduation

After a couple of years of very hard work, you finally did it: you graduated. With pride, you receive your beautiful diploma. For the first time, your path is not laid out for you. What’s next? Will you go on a Big-Trip-to-America-To-Discover-Yourself? Will you first do a couple of months of volunteering service before ‘real life’ starts or will you move back to your roots in Friesland to data-analyse cows? Your first job? But where? A traineeship or permanent employment?

The choices are overwhelming. But one thing is for sure: whatever you end up choosing, you are welcome at Extrie!

Extrie is the alumni association for old-econometric students at the VU, founded at the 15th of April 1997. The goal of the association is to facilitate the mutual connection between alumni, between Kraket and alumni and between alumni and the department Econometrics of the VU. We organize an event three times a year to enable you to stay connected with your student friends and possibly even to create new interesting connections. All bachelor and master alumni of the study Econometrics and Operations Research and Econometric and Data Science of the Vrije Universiteit (VU) are welcome to become a member.

In the fall, we organise the Extrie meetup: an evening event where the Extrie Master Thesis Award is presented and where interesting lectures take place. Naturally, the night will be concluded with drinks. Will you join us there?

In the spring, battle tactics are being drawn up for the one and only ‘Battle of the Alumni’ pubquiz, in a brown café. Do you dare to be there?

Lastly, in summer at the end of each academic year we organize drinks in the sunshine. Do we see you there?

As board members of Extrie, we all graduated in different years of the bachelor or master EOR at the VU. We hope to help you enjoy your Extrie membership and we hope it will bring you what it brought us: friends, interesting events, a network and fun nights out.

You can become a member of Extrie at www.kraket.nl/extrie, also when you are still a master student. Membership is completely free and you will receive a quarterly newsletter with details about the next event. Feel free to email us at info@extrie.nl or address us personally if you have any questions left. 


The Extrie Board,

Emma Blanken,
Jacqueline Heinerman,
Robbert Hendriks,
Rosa Bakker

Answer from last week's puzzle:

Lara de Mo, Visualization + Presentation skills

Frank de Koning, Visualization + Essential modeling

Geertje Schilder, Analysis techniques + Essential modeling

Ilya Danser, Analysis techniques + Essential modeling

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