MIcompany Puzzle: New teachers

Puzzle by MIcompany

The trainers Danser, Schilder, De Koning and De Mo all 4 work for the MIacademy. Each teacher teaches in two different subjects. In addition:

  • Three teachers give the training 'Essential modeling'
  • There is one teacher 'Presentation skills'
  • The 'Visualization training' is given by two teachers
  • Geertje and Danser both give 'Analysis techniques'
  • Lara does not teach in 'Essential modeling'
  • Frank is one of the teachers of the 'Visualization training'
  • De Mo does not give any training given by Ilya or Schilder.

What is the full name of the trainers and what training does he/she give?

For the answer, see the article on Extrie!

  • EY-SVG
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