A week in the life of the Internal Officer and Marketing Officer

The week of Sven Oldenburger

For the search for the new board of Kraket, the Electoral Committee, in collaboration with the SECTOR Committee, proposed to highlight the week of all board members of Kraket, and today it is my turn. For those who don't know me yet, I am Sven Oldenburger, 23 years old and this year I am the Internal Affairs Officer and Marketing Affairs Officer of study association Kraket. In addition to my board year, I am also busy with my Masters in Financial Econometrics and I give math tutoring once a week and I work sometimes at the Foodcontainer near Sportcentrum VU.

As Internal Affairs Officer it is my responsibility to lead committees in the right direction and to supervise whether everything is going well with the committees. Marketing Affairs Officer is a 2-person position this year, so I am mainly responsible for the online promotion. You should think of social media, Canvas and promotion via the website. Because of these two functions I have a varied week and I will therefore describe last week as an example.

I start this period well with a room duty every Monday morning. Every week everyone has one morning and one afternoon room duty so that everyone can visit the Kraket Room during the whole day from 10:00 to 16:30. Since the week that I highlight is halfway through the year, today it is time for some active member conversations. These conversations are scheduled to find out what people thought of their committee, whether they would like to do another committee next year and whether they might be interested in a board year. This information is of course very important for the association, but especially for me as an Internal Affairs Officer. A lot can still be done with feedback mid-year! I also had a call with VSAE to discuss the plans for a fun activity that we are going to organize together. Finally I have designed a nice Instagram post in Illustrator that has of course been published in the meantime.

Tuesday started with a meeting about the theme party that we are organizing this year with Salus (Health Sciences) and SABA (Business Analytics). The meeting takes place with a board member from each association and the chairman of the committee that co-organizes the party. For us, that is Pepijn de Veer from the SBF Committee. After the meeting, it was time to go through the presentation about Kraket that I had to give during the Taster Day. The day ended with a Meet and Greet with the hopefully future Kraketters. It was a successful day in which we hopefully made many new students enthusiastic about Econometrics and Kraket.

This day was not very special for me as a Kraket board member. As I have already told at my intro, I work sometimes at the Foodcontainer and today it was one of those days. I worked from 11:00 to 16:00, so most of my day was already over. However, in the morning I did think about fun activities for Kraket Weekend and the Kraket Weekend goodie. After work I approached some companies to request quotations. Furthermore, today was a quiet board day.

New this year at Kraket is the Introduction Committee! For this I had a meeting with the Faculty Board. Together we are responsible for the Monday and Tuesday of the introduction week of the VU. It’s sounds pretty far away but the preparations are already in full swing. This meeting with the Faculty Board was barely finished and I went on to the weekly board meeting. The board meetings take an average of 3 hours with us, so it was quite a day of meetings. But as an Internal Affairs Officer, meetings are one of your most important ways to ensure that the committees run smoothly. So this kind of days occur now and then. This day ended with a constitution drink of Mens, where all VU boards are invited to congratulate their new board. These are always very nice evenings, where nice new events can also be made up with other boards. This was also one of the reasons for the collaboration with SABA and Salus for a theme party.

This day was fairly similar to Tuesday. I had to give the same presentation about Kraket during the trial study day, but this time with the EDS bachelor track. Also, this day there was a meet and greet for which we had to prepare. In the evening we went with our board to the Pub Quiz of Extrie. That is the alumni association of Econometrics. It was fun to speak with lots of the alumni and even teachers were present during the Pub Quiz. Eventually we ended last as team, but I heard this was a tradition that the board became last with the Pub Quiz, so we were just continuing this tradition. The Pub Quiz officially ended my board week. But, of course there is still time in a board year to meet up with friends and family. Friday night I went to a birthday party and during the weekend I had dinner with friends.

I hope I have given a good impression of what my week looks like as a board member of Kraket. If you have any questions, you can always drop by the Kraket Room, email intern@kraket.nl or if you are interested in a board year, send an email to kiescommissie@kraket.nl to register for speed dating on April 1st!

Answer to last week's puzzle (Counting Riddle Matches)

With 6 matches, there are 24 game runs. Name N (x) the number of runs in a stack of x matches There is:

N(x) = N(x-1) + N(x-2) + N(x-3).

We can calculate that:

  • N(1) = 1 (there is only one way from 1 to 0 matches)
  • N(2) = 2 (2 matches can be taken either in one go, or one by one)
  • N(3) = 4 (given, see assignment)

Using the line above it follows that:

  • N(4) = N(3) + N(2) + N(1) = 4 + 2 + 1 = 7
  • N(5) = N(4) + N(3) + N(2) = 7 + 4 + 2 = 13
  • N(6) = N(5) + N(4) + N(3) = 13 + 7 + 4 = 24.
  • EY-SVG
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