Articles are underway!

As mentioned during the first General Assembly of this academic year, articles for the SECTOR will from now on be posted exclusively online. This means the SECTOR committee will be able to publish more frequently and be more flexible with the length and style of articles. Instead of two editions a year, an article will be posted at least once every two weeks. To add to this, you will be able to read the SECTOR wherever and whenever you feel like it as it will always be only a few clicks away.

The SECTOR committee, consisting of Denise van Dijk, Giovanni Bolier, Just de Groot and Duy Nguyen, are proud to announce that the first articles are on their way! In just one week we will release an article by Jasper Veltman, who most first and second year students will know from the much dreaded course Introduction to Programming. Jasper will tell us his story about starting out as a professor and how his career as a teaching assistant brought him to where he is now.

Next up in November will be a report of the Caseday which took place last October. Did you miss this event and are you curious about the different cases and companies? Read all about it!

The SECTOR will continue with more articles in December. Just after Sinterklaas, third year EOR student Ruben Schel will tell you all about how he combines this difficult study with speed skating on a very high level - that can't be an easy task!

Finally, a few days before the Christmas break, Minh Nguyen will give you a little insight in her week. After studying econometrics at the VU, Minh is now working at Deutsche Bank in London where she lives with her two children.

To summarize:
November 11th - As told by Jasper Veltman
November 25th - Kraket Caseday
December 9th - Extra: Ruben Schel
December 16th - A week in the life of Minh Nguyen

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