Diversity & Development Day

The Diversity and Development Day (DDD) is the way to get chance to meet your potential future employer, or just a chance to have a look around to see what is possible after your studies. This unique semi-formal event stands apart from other formal events with its more informal nature and focus on promoting diversity, personal growth, developing soft skills. The day will feature the CPO and the Lead of Diversity & Inclusion of KLM as opening speakers, a company speaker from Unilever. Furthermore, there will be two workshops to choose from which will focus on your own development. During the afternoon there will be "speeddating" with companies, here you can engage with companies in every way you please. Whether you are looking for a job or internship opportunity or are just curious about what a company entails. We finish the day with some drinks where you will also have chance to speak to the company representatives if you please or just have a nice time. Of course lunch will be provided, so all years are open to join us for this special day!

Location: Huize Frankendael (Middenweg 72, 1097 BS Amsterdam)

Time: 9:45 - 17:30 | Costs: Free | Capacity: 44

Registration: Wednesday January 26, 13:00 - Thursday February 2, 13:00.

Note: Late unregistrations or not showing up may lead to a fine. Always contact someone from the board if you are unable to come. You can find the fine policy here. It is also expected you attend the whole activity when you sign up.

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