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About Koninklijk Actuarieel Genootschap (AG)

The Royal Dutch Actuarial Association (Koninklijk Actuarieel Genootschap, AG) is the professional association for actuarial professionals in the Netherlands and offers a platform for knowledge exchange, deepening and networking.

We are centrally located in Utrecht at the Johan de Witt house where we welcome our members and other guests (stakeholders) for meetings and conferences. But it is also the 'home' from which the Actuarial Institute (Actuarieel Instituut) offers its training programs and continuing professional development. So, it's fair to say that Utrecht is the home of actuarial professionals!

Wherever financial risks are at play, you will encounter actuarial professionals

About the profession

The demand for actuaries is growing globally, which means there are plenty of opportunities for (international) career development and growth. Actuarial professionals contribute significantly beyond mere number-crunching and modelling. They are instrumental in guiding organizations through strategic decision-making processes, particularly in the areas of finance and risk management.

Traditionally, actuarial professionals are employed within the insurance and pension industries, but the emergence of data has made it that pretty much any industry can benefit from bringing them on board.

Do you excel in mathematics and statistics and do you have a passion for solving complex problems? Then you might consider choosing a career as an actuary!

In short, if you're looking for a challenging, intellectually stimulating career with numerous growth opportunities and a chance to make a positive impact on the world around you, then a career as an actuary is definitely worth more than just considering!

For more information about AG and the actuarial profession, please visit our website.

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