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About EY

At EY, you'll be working on challenging and intricate projects, dealing with the latest developments in the field. The world we operate in is constantly evolving, and so are the questions posed to us. Standard answers and solutions are a thing of the past. This demands adaptability. That's why, at EY, we consider not just your field of study but your entire personality. Who are you, and what do you bring to the table? Together, we explore where your talents lie, enabling you to grow into the best version of yourself within our organization.

What We Do

With 261,000 employees worldwide, EY specializes in Assurance, Tax, Strategy & Transactions, and Consulting. These specializations are becoming increasingly crucial in today's world. Reliable financial information is of immeasurable value to entrepreneurs, managers, and regulators. More and more businesses want to understand how their corporate strategy relates to the amount of tax they pay. EY advisors prepare businesses for the future with significant and necessary transformation projects, often driven by technology. Some of us assist our clients in making complex strategic decisions about their capital. In Financial Services, we offer all this integrated expertise to international business leaders.

Many of our clients are large international corporations. We always look beyond the numbers and financial results alone. Our international purpose is to "Build a better working world." This means that we aim not only to contribute to our clients' business but also to their role in society and, consequently, to creating a better-functioning world.

Actuarial Services at EY

EY Actuarial Services plays a vital role in helping our clients navigate the complex world of risk and financial security. Our actuarial professionals work on a wide range of challenges, from insurance and pension plans to financial modeling and risk management.

Key responsibilities of EY actuarial consultants include:

  • Risk Assessment: EY's actuarial experts evaluate and quantify risks associated with various financial decisions. They assist clients in understanding the potential financial impact of specific actions or events.
  • Insurance and Pension Plans: Actuaries at EY provide essential insights for insurance companies and pension plan sponsors. They help design and manage insurance products and pension plans, ensuring long-term financial sustainability.
  • Financial Modeling: EY's actuarial team excels in creating complex financial models to aid clients in making informed decisions. These models help in predicting future financial scenarios, allowing businesses to plan effectively.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Keeping up with ever-evolving regulations is crucial in the financial industry. EY actuaries ensure that clients meet the necessary regulatory requirements and guidelines.
  • Risk Management: Actuarial professionals assist businesses in identifying, assessing, and managing risks. This includes determining the appropriate levels of reserves and capital needed to cover potential losses.

If you have a background in econometrics or related fields, EY Actuarial Services offers a unique opportunity to apply your quantitative and analytical skills to real-world challenges. You'll be part of a diverse team, collaborating with professionals from various backgrounds, all with the common goal of helping clients make informed financial decisions in a rapidly changing world.

Is This a Good Fit for You?

Do you want to join us in building a better future? Do you believe you can contribute to our ambitions? We're looking for colleagues who are socially engaged, professionally critical, have a strong sense of ethics, and a focus on quality. We're seeking individuals who aren't afraid to invest a significant part of themselves in their work. If you're curious and interested, reach out to us during one of our recruitment events or get in touch directly via werkenbijey.nl.

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