Join the Aurora course on social innovation in Iceland

Join the Aurora course on social innovation in Iceland

30 November 2023

The University of Iceland offers an Erasmus+ blended intensive course (BIP) for all students of Aurora universities in their final year of their Bachelor's degree or in their Master's. Participants will gain increased knowledge of today's challenges while working towards joint solutions across disciplines in collaboration with leading supervisors from academia and industry. 

The course combines online content, virtual sessions that take place over the semester, and a five-day capstone experience on-site at the University of Iceland in May 2024. 

  • February - May 2024: Virtual sessions
  • 13 - 17 May 2024: On-site Capstone Session

Registration and Erasmus grant
Early registration is open until 10 December. Early registrants will receive confirmation of acceptance by 22 December. Registration ultimately closes on 31 December 2023. 

Students that get accepted in the BIP can apply for an Erasmus+ Short Blended Mobility grant of approximately 395 euros for attending the programme. Instructions on how to apply for the grant will be sent to you approximately one month before the on-site sessions.

More information
For more information see the Spark Your knowledge webpage.

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