A week in the life of the Chairman

12 March 2020
A week in the life of...

The week of Thijs van Schie

Dear all,
Today it is my turn to give you a look behind the scenes of board 48. I will describe the week of February the 24th. This week you will get a good insight in what a chairman does during the week. I hope you will enjoy reading it. If you still regret that you did not bid on the date with the chairman, do not be sad, because on the 1st of April is our speed dating event. So do not forget to enroll!

I woke up at 6:30 in Alkmaar and with sleep in my eyes I got on the train to get to my Ethics lecture. When I arrived in the lecture hall, I was able to get started with the theories of Kant and Socrates. I enjoy the variety between lectures and board tasks. Afterwards I could go to Fleur to have a meeting about the future of the Career Guide. After this successful gathering, I agreed to speak with Jeroen from Aureus about the Speaker Series. The main speaker will be announced soon!. At the end of the day I finished writing my pieces and answered the last emails, then called a friend from Delft and went to dinner.

This is the day that I have one of the morning room duties at Kraket room. When I arrived at the VU, I had planned several active members conversations. First with Dave, then with Marit and finally with Céline. This is important for our board so we know what our members think of the association and how their year has gone so far. After these talks, I had a meeting with the entire board about the next General Assembly and Career Guide. We discussed what will be our next steps in the near and far future. At the end of this day I attended the Almanac Ceremony in the Ebeling. You can't have a better ending!

In the morning I took my trusted tram 5 to the VU. Where I needed to work on my transfer document at our office so I can keep the next chairman up to date. Also, this day I was busy getting started with my From our Chairman and coming up with hints for the Kraket Weekend Location. So do not forget to take a closer look at this edition. From this working day at the VU, I traveled to the other side of Amsterdam for a beer tasting with the previous board.

A great day to be at the office again in the morning. During my room duty I had an active members conversation with Lia and sat with Stef to work on the Kraket Inspiration Day. An important brainstorm session for us to think of good ideas to make it a success. Next, I had a board meeting. A weekly moment in which we discuss the progress of the association. As chairman I have to prepare it and lead the meeting. 

On Friday, I went to MIcompany with Fleur, where we discussed how they feel about the partnership and whether we could do anything for them. This is really important because they are one of our main partners. After this meeting, I went to the VU for a meeting with the LED committee, of which I am supervisor. In this committee it is my job to help them where needed and to see if everything is going the right way. When this meeting was over, I closed the week with our notorious FrAfDri.

All week long
In this article you read a lot about my appointments, because those are the things that stand out the most. However, this is not the only job you have as a chairman. You will have to be up-to-date with all developments within the VU and Kraket. You try to keep an overview and direct people where necessary. Besidee, maintaining contact with our partners is also an important part of your job. These tasks are less visible, but are really important.

This is what a week of mine looks like. Do you find this interesting and still have questions. You can always approach me or send an email to If you are curious about other functions, do not forget to register for our speed dating event on April 1 by sending an email to:

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