A week in the life of the Treasurer

Stef van Veen
13 March 2020
A week in the life of...

The week of Stef van Veen

Dear loyal reader of the SECTOR,
Like my fellow board members, I am going to describe a week of my life. However, as I’m writing this I’m not at the place I usually am at this time of the week. Currently I’m sitting at my place at Uilenstede instead of my usual place in the Kraket room. Luckily as the treasurer and vice-chairman of Kraket I can do a lot at home for the time being, that also includes writing this piece of art. So, enjoy this read and hopefully I will inspire you to also do a board year in the coming years. The week I will tell about is the week from the 17th until the 21st of February.

On Monday I usually wake up in Nieuwkoop, the place where my parents live. I will take the bus and arrive around 11:00h at the VU. Like most Mondays I start the week with a real treasurer job: accounting.  This means that I will subdivide all the payments I made and all the money Kraket received into different ledger accounts, a kind of categories. That way I can easily look up how much money we spend on every activity. After the accounting it was time for some nice conversations with members of Kraket. This time of the year we have a lot of those chats because we want to know how everyone is doing and whether everything is going well in their committee. Besides all this it is important to know whether they might like to be in the board next year. In the afternoon we had a “CoBo” from M.F.V.U. so we brought our best wine and celebrated with them.

Tuesday Thijs, Martijn and I had a meeting with the faculty board. This meeting is a great example for my job as a vice-chairman because I worked a lot with Thijs to prepare this important meeting. After this I had another chat with an active member. As always on Tuesdays we had our weekly board meeting at 15:00 h. At this meeting I will mostly talk about the financial situation of Kraket, so it is important to be up to date at all times! After the meeting we had the charity auction. I think everyone knows how great this went and how much money we collected for the Johan Cruyff Foundation. Which, again, is very impressive!

Wednesday was all about meetings. First, I had a meeting with the electoral l committee and then with the forum committee. This was the first meeting with the election committee, so many important points were discussed, such as the dinner every committee gets. I am also a supervisor of the forum committee this year. Otherwise Fleur would be too busy as the external affairs officer and I also did this committee myself last year. At 16:30 when the Kraket room closed, we started with a big clean-up. We sorted out all the stuff we have and cleaned the dust from the shelves. Although the cleaning sucks, it was nice to do with the rest of the board.

On Thursday I had not a lot of activities planned so I could finally do some more work. For a treasurer this mostly involves making invoices, paying members when they have filed a declaration and I order all kinds of stuff. I order the beers and wines for the FrAfDri and events like the Diversity and Development day and I order the new books when a new period is coming. This time I made a lot of invoices for the contracts Fleur had sent me throughout the week.

The last day of the working week I went to the Kraket room to finish some of the work I could not finish on Thursday. Because I am not following any courses this period I can do some extra things. That is why I am also trying to renew the way Kraket is doing its accounting. When that was all done I played some games and had some chats with people in the Kraket room. After that I went back to Nieuwkoop and prepared some dinner with Fleur. Then we went to a friend of mine to have dinner there.

This was my week, I hope it is a lot more clear now what a treasurer and vice-chairman does in a week! If you have any further questions, feel free to send me an e-mail!

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