Solid Professionals

Solid Professionals presented their company in the second round of the Case day. Solid started out as a company specialized in the training and education of financial young professionals. Later on they expanded into the world of consultancy and interim support. Together with their performance coaches, Solid offers graduates personal training to become allround business analysts in the field of finance, risk and actuary.

Being specialized in training business analysts, Solid gave us an opportunity to be in the hotseat in a management board for a fictional international bank. Our group was divided into three banks competing for the title of best overall performing bank, based on five Key Performance Indexes. Every member of the management board was responsible for their KPI based on the role they had in the board. The five KPI were Capital ratio, Innovation, Customer satisfaction, Reputation and Profitability. To determine who had the best performing bank, Solid had prepared seventeen multiple choice questions and gave every bank a starting amount of capital. Each alternative of the questions had a different amount of cost to it and everything that you did not spend at the end of the game was lost. This forced the board to really think about their decisions, because you were limited in the opportunities you could capture.

Written by Giovanni Bolier

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