Grande Fissa

Whether you’re in the Kraket room 10 days a week, or you’ve only become a member for the book discount, anyone would enjoy the biggest event of the Lustrum week: the Grande Fissa! At Club Atelier (location: Valschermkade 16a, 1059 CD Amsterdam), we’re gonna party like it’s our last day. For a ticket price of €10,- , you’ll receive two drinks, some awesome DJ’s, and a live band that will perform the Lustrum Song! Since we are a strong believer of “the more the merrier”, everyone can also buy tickets for up to two more friends! The party starts around 20:00 and ends around 04:00

Missing it would be your biggest regret of the 21st century, so don’t do that to yourself, come party with us June 16th !!

You can buy your tickets at the Kraketroom.

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