Kraket Day(s)

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Dear Kraketter,

We would have loved to invite you to a full Kraket weekend including overnight stays. Unfortunately this is not possible, but we have come up with an alternative so that we can still take as many of you as possible. The Kraket days will be spread over 2 separate days, where you can participate 1 of the days with a program full with fun activities. Like always the activities will be kept a secret, but all activities will be done according to the corona measures.

For the Kraket Weekend, we will travel with a tour bus departing from the VU. In times of corona, this is only possible if we all wear a face mask, just like in public transport. In addition to this, we will take precautions including a health check.

The days will take place on the 19th and 20th of June. Registrations for this event will open the 1st of June 00:49 and will close the 8th of June 13:00. This is the night of Monday on Tuesday. 

If you have any questions or remarks regarding this activity you can send them to

Note: If you have a preference regarding the day you want to participate you can send this to as well. If you don't send an e-mail we will asume you don't have a preference.

Costs: €20.-
Spots available: 30 for each day, total of 55.

Late unregistrations or not showing up might lead to a fine.

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