Kraket Inspiration Day

Location: Zoom

The Kraket inspiration day on the 11th of May is an inspiring event that will surprise you. On this day you will hear really interesting stories about subjects you won’t expect.  Broaden your horizon and find out which unexpected things you can do after attaining your econometrics degree. 

The day will start at 12:45 and end around 17:00. During the day we will have two interesting speakers: Bernard Zweers and Stan Thijssen. Also, you will get the opportunity, on an information market, to talk with econometrics alumni working in different fields. Econometricians working at companies such as KLM, Building Blocks, Deloitte and Thermo Fisher Scientific will be present. Also, there will be professors of the VU, entrepreneurs and many more econometricians on the information market. We will end the day with an interactive Kahoot.

Registrations open at 13:00 on the 20th of April an close 13:00 on the 27th of April.

Not showing up or late unregistration may lead to a fine.


  • Ivo Warmerdam
  • Amber Politiek
  • Tristan de Keyzer
  • Lia Mendeszoon
  • Estée van der Vlies
  • Pascalle Fijnvandraat
  • Jonathan Bergh
  • Robin Witstok
  • Janna Kroezen
  • Kim Mehagnoul
  • Just de Groot
  • Jelger Oud
  • Jutte Vijverberg
  • Floris Six Dijkstra
  • Valérie Hoogvorst
  • Teuntje de Wit
  • Ruben Kloppenborg
  • Lisanne Tigchelaar
  • Matthijs de Groot
  • Boris Oomen
  • Muhammet M. Simsek
  • Emma Liberg
  • Bram Griffioen
  • Micha den Heijer
  • Sun Wester
  • Denise van Dijk
  • Pascal Terpstra
  • Frank Tesselaar
  • Stefan Sprakel
  • Mirte Pruppers
  • Laurien van de Coevering
  • Boris Valk
  • Amber Enthoven
  • Bernhard van der Sluis
  • Marco Knopper
  • Finaps2
  • IMC2
  • Optiver3
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