Ik hou van Holland

Location: Online (discord)

Note: this activity will be in Dutch

After the exams it is time for a fun evening full with fun and interesting games. The 29th of January Kraket will organize an 'Ik hou van Holland' activity. During this activity you will be divided in small teams and you will participate in the different rounds of the Dutch television show. These rounds may include activities like 'Geen ja, geen nee geen uh', 'roddelen' and music rounds. This activity will start at 20:00 and lasts until ~22:00. Registrations for this activity will open 15 January 13:00  and will close 22 January 13:00

Late unregistrations or not showing up may lead to a fine.


  • Ivo Warmerdam
  • Amber Politiek
  • Estée van der Vlies
  • Lia Mendeszoon
  • Tristan de Keyzer
  • Robin Witstok
  • Jacob Brüller
  • Sun Wester
  • Giovanni Bolier
  • Jonathan Bergh
  • Hylke Muntinghe
  • Tom Korenwinder
  • Koert Remijn
  • Finaps2
  • IMC2
  • Optiver3
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