Cocktail workshop masters

Location: Online

Dear Kraketter,

*Note this event is only for master students

Are you Kraket's new bartender? Join our online cocktail workshop on the 19th of January from 20:00 on. You will be sent a box with all the ingredients at home, so you are totally ready to make the best cocktails ever. It is also possible to receive a box for mocktails. 

Costs: €5

Spots available: 35

Registrations will open the 27th of December 13:00 and close the 9th of January 13:00.

Note: late unregistration or not showing up might lead to a fine.


  • Ivo Warmerdam
  • Amber Politiek
  • Estée van der Vlies
  • Lia Mendeszoon
  • Tristan de Keyzer
  • Sven Oldenburger
  • Casper Röling
  • Esmée Brouwer
  • Zeus Paraguas
  • Jonathan Bergh
  • Koert Remijn
  • Jacob Brüller
  • Lukas Ekkelkamp
  • Philippe Haarman
  • Hylke Muntinghe
  • Demi de Kort
  • Jesse Wassenaar
  • Pieke Geraedts
  • Dave Houtenbos
  • Julia Rotteveel
  • Kim de Vos
  • Giovanni Bolier
  • Thijs Talsma
  • Koen ter Beke
  • Tom Korenwinder
  • Wouter Van der Harst
  • Marit van Velzen
  • Yessica Kalicharan
  • Jaimie Rutgers
  • Finaps2
  • IMC2
  • Optiver3
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