2nd year onboarding

Note: this event is for second-year students only

Last year, many students were not able to go to the VU. Because of this, the students that are now in their second year were not able to get to know the VU the way first-year students normally would. Therefore, the 2nd year onboarding activity is organized.

The activity is meant for second-year students who want to get to know the VU and their fellow students better. It will take place on and around the campus on the 18th of September 2021. It will start 14:00 on campus where we will be doing some activities. Afterwards we will go to Ill Caffè at Uilenstede to eat. The day will end around 20:00. 

Capacity: 60
Cost: none

The registrations will open on the 9th of September at 13.00 and will close the 15th of September at 23.59.

Note: late unregistrations or not showing up might lead to a fine

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