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“People above processes”

Finaps is an inspiring and fun place to work, where we are proud of the solutions that we deliver. At Finaps we work with small, highly effective teams that can design, build and run our clients' business solutions. We believe that our people are our greatest asset. 

We have consolidated the classic roles and responsibilities of the IT chain and don't discriminate between consultants, developers, scrum masters, etc. We're all engineers, no individual is an island. Together, we are much greater than the sum of our parts. 

Do you want to fill the gap between business and IT? At Finaps we believe that technology can help businesses to achieve their most ambitious goals. To realise this, we look for highly creative, people with a can- do mentality that want to grow with us.

Is this you?

• Do you enjoy creating things and solving puzzles?
• Do you have a passion for IT?
• Are you skilled in process analysis?
• Are you skilled in translating requirements into client solutions?
• Are you creative and business-oriented?
• Do you have a sense of responsibility?

At Finaps you will be challenged to develop yourself as a professional Business Engineer. You will learn to translate requirements of the client to a working software solution, by both understanding how the business works and how to implement it with your team. Whether you are still new to developing, or are already experienced with (low-code) development, we just want you to be passionate about IT!

This is who we are:

• Determined - Our team of professionals is determined to deliver the highest quality in service and solutions
• Limitless - There is no limit to our inquisitive spirit, our integrity or our drive for continuous improvement
• Collaborative - Together with our clients and our team, we combine our strengths of knowledge to create future-proof business solutions that work
• We are proud of what we do and the solutions that we deliver

Interested in joining?

Do you want to be involved in dedicated work and really make a difference for your clients? Then drop us a line.  We always have room for passionate, high-energy professionals with a can-do attitude. Come by for a cup of coffee or send a cover letter and your CV to or call us on +31 (0) 30 699 70 40.

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