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About RiskQuest

RiskQuest is a consultancy specialized in (risk) models for the financial sector. In an ever more complex world there is also an increasing need for risk management. Models are an important tool here. They help to understand underlying risk factors and relationships better. Models thus contribute to transparency, cost-effectiveness and eventually in making the right decisions. While models form the core of our service, we consider them as a means, no purpose. Models can not replace people.

Our services focus on all aspects of the use of models: data, model development, validation, policy and strategy. In recent years we have been able to build an impressive customer base. We work for all major Dutch financial institutions (banks, insurers and pension funds). And our customers always return because they know we consistently deliver high quality.

RiskQuest consists of a team of 35 ambitious individuals with almost all quantitative backgrounds in econometrics, mathematics and physics. We find important social contacts between each other and an informal work environment with a lot of individual freedom. This will make you feel at home quickly.

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