About Finaps

Do you want to work in a team with high ambition, you have a passion for software (no need to have experience) and you would like to (learn) to develop (data driven) software then stop by for a cup of coffee to see if Finaps might be the place to start your career.

Finaps is all about building "Business Solutions that work"; we aspire to be a true partner for our clients. This ambition drives everything we do. Our ambition to grow and have a big impact on our clients will be driven by ensuring that we are a company with a strong team and a unique culture.

Excellence: We are a team of ambitious and professional people who strive for excellence no matter how simple or complex the challenge

Flexibility: We are flexible in our approach and the solutions we provide

Integrity: We act with integrity and will always strive to provide the best possible solution for the client

Pride: We are proud of who we are, what we do and what we deliver!

Fun: Finaps is an inspiring and fun place to work, a place where people can grow and where we truly enjoy working together

People: Business Engineers

Our Business Engineers have a background in various studies both IT and business allowing us to translate our client’s business needs into working IT solutions.

A Business Engineer owns and drives the entire journey from consulting/ analysis, to design to development and implementation giving them great ownership and responsibility.

Our People are trained to ensure:

  • A commitment to quality: Where during every stage of development no stone is left unturned to ensure the best possible solution;
  • Leverage experience: Extensive experience with the innovative Mendix platform as well as a track record of successful Mendix implementations;
  • Domain expertise: in-Depth domain knowledge of the different industries we are active in.

Process: Agile development process

We view the development of a successful solution as an iterative process during which Finaps business engineers work closely with client teams to ensure we build the best solutions applying the SCRUM methodology.

Our Process is designed to ensure:

  • Speed: The first phase of development is focused on getting a quick working solution in place, which serves as a base for iteration
  • Adaptability: Each round of iteration allows the solution to be adapted and molded to fit exactly what clients need
  • Client ownership: Clients are involved from day one and are co-owners of all development decisions
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