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About Da Vinci Derivatives

Da Vinci identifies and trades opportunities in financial derivatives based on in-house developed
strategies with a short to medium term horizon focused on volatility. This can mean that multiple
products are traded against each other based on correlations but also that long (short) positions in
under- or overpriced volatilities are taken across asset classes. By arbitraging and market making
these differences Da Vinci helps markets to become more efficient providing benefits to end investors.
The instruments traded include, but are not limited to, options and futures on single stock, index and
fixed income but also options and futures on volatility indices and dividends. Da Vinci trades solely
with its own money creating natural risk awareness and does not have any customers. Over the past
couple of years Da Vinci has been growing successfully and will continue to do so. This growth is
largely due to the experience within the company and the ability to attract the most qualified people in
the industry, train them, provide them with all the required tools, continuously challenge them and thus
allowing them to grow both professionally and personally. Our business is highly innovative, IT driven
and entrepreneurial by nature.

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