Forum committee

Forum committee

The forum takes place in the afternoon with a partly separated programme for the first and higher year students. It is a day in which you will be incited for, be inspired by and interact with your future field of expertise. This will happen on the basis of workshops and speakers of difference econometric environments.

The forum committee is responsible for the forum: they make sure that this event is arranged properly. This means that they take care of an appropriate location, varied and suitable speakers in the different course directions and the catering.


  • Priya Gangaram-panday

    Priya Gangaram-panday

  • Sebastian  Bronshoff

    Sebastian Bronshoff

  • Jonathan  Bergh

    Jonathan Bergh

  • Stef van Veen

    Stef van Veen

  • Gert  Rietveld

    Gert Rietveld

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