First year committee

First year committee

The first year committee is for and run by first year students. The goal of the committee is increased involvement of the first year students within the association. They organise multiple activities and thus get to know each other, the association and other people of their year better.  They also accompany future students by showing them around on the VU for a day and organise the Familyday of Kraket. It’s a perfect start of your Kraket career!


  • Finn Hogenhuis

    Finn Hogenhuis

  • Max van der Meulen

    Max van der Meulen

  • Thijs van Schie

    Thijs van Schie

  • Sun Wester

    Sun Wester

  • Daniël Suurland

    Daniël Suurland

  • Ivo Warmerdam

    Ivo Warmerdam

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