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Dear new member of Kraket,

The academic year is about to start, so we are looking for enthusiastic committee members for the academic year 2022/2023!

As committee member you can:
• Have the unique opportunity of getting in touch with future employers
• Come up with new and exciting activities organised by yourself
• Develop your meeting skills
• Work on your CV
• Improve your soft skills
• Learn to work with deadlines
• Take Kraket to a higher level
• Get to know (even) more Kraketters

If you think you have the required commitment and you can add something to one of the following committees. Then apply for one or more committee(s)! You can sign up until September 7th by sending your motivation to!

Charity Committee
The Charity Committee devises three possible concepts of an interactive activity or a long-term project with a charity for next year and presents this at the first General Assembly at the 13th of September. The members will take votes and choose the concept the committee will work on. For the rest of the year, you will host the annual auction and free activities together with the charity. Do you want to be part of this committee? Sign up!

Diversity and Development Day Committee
The Diversity and Development Day is a growing success, with educational workshops, inspiring speakers and of course speed dating with potential employers. Together with your committee members, you will be responsible for planning this interesting day. Would you like to coordinate this eventful day, do you have organizational capacity and are you open-minded? Sign up!

Ecotribune Committee
The Ecotribune is the informal magazine of Kraket containing photo collages, articles about activities that have taken place, interviews with members and funny quizzes. The magazine will be published four times a year. As a member of the Ecotribune Committee, you are involved in the whole process of making this magazine. From working with the design program Adobe InDesign to writing new articles and finding corresponding photos. Click here for previous editions of the Ecotribune. Would you like to contribute to the Ecotribune? Sign up! Experience in InDesign is not necessary, but will have its benefits.

First Year Committee
The First Year Committee is a great way to start your active membership with Kraket. You will organize two activities, a family day and you will guide the high school students who are curious how the life at the university will be. Does this committee seem nice to you? Sign up!

Happy Hour Committee
The Happy Hour Committee organises various fun activities throughout the year. Among these activities are Sinterklaas, the EGW's (Ectrie Goes Wild's), and two activities you can put in your own creativity. These enjoyable activities bring Kraketters closer to each other. Would you like to be part of this committee and do you like to organise different activities? Sign up!

SECTOR Committee
The SECTOR is the editorial committee of Kraket. Unlike the Ecotribune, the SECTOR focusses on companies and the substantive aspect of the study. It is an online platform where articles are published regularly. In recent years, SECTOR was filled with business interviews and articles written by professors and (graduated) students. Furthermore, there are many more interesting topics which appear in the SECTOR, click here for previous articles of the SECTOR. Do you want to be a part of this innovative committee where there is space enough to process your own ideas, and obtain great connections with students, professors and alumni? Then apply for this committee!

Ski Trip Committee
This year Kraket will go to Alpe d'HuZes, France, in January. Do you love to ski, snowboard or après-ski and want to be part of the committee? Sign up!

Sports & Games Committee
This year will be the third year of the Sports & Games Committee. In this committee, you are responsible for the exercise of our beloved members. While you normally compete in the UB (University Library), you are now going to compete on the field for the cup. Every once in a while, the Sports & Games Committee organizes a nice sporty activity and our yearly Game Marathon. Sign up!

Sustainability Committee
The Sustainability Committee has been brought to life last year and was a great success! In the world we live in today, sustainability is an important topic for the future of the world. Therefore, Kraket organizes a sustainability week. During this week, various activities centered around the topic will be organized every day, including a day where businesses will give presentations and present cases involving the topic of sustainabiltiy. Being part of this committee gives you the opportunity to experience both formal and informal aspects of being a committee member. Would you like to be part of this committee? Sign up!

International Committee
Note: this committee is open for Dutch students as well
This year we come with a new committee: the International Committee! The aim of this committee is to be the point of contact for all our international members. You can help your fellow international students navigating through a big city like Amsterdam, and of course the VU. Besides, you will get the opportunity to organise one activity for the association.

Still in doubt? Or do you have some unanswered questions about one of the committees? Just ask. You can always contact me (or someone else from the board).

Interested? Signing up for one or more committee(s) is possible until and including 7 September by sending your motivation to! You can also fill in the form on the website: link to the form.

• We cannot guarantee anything in terms of filling in seats in any committee. It is possible to sign up for multiple committees.

I would love to hear from you!

Kind regards,

Lisanne Tigchelaar Internal & External Affairs Officer Kraket 2022/2023

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