Charity 2020/2021

At the general assembly of 15 September 2020, the Dirk Kuyt Foundation was chosen to be the charity to collaborate with this year. For many of us, sporting is an important part of our lives. The Dirk Kuyt Foundation is a foundation that aims to enable everyone with a disability to exercise. Not only because of the physical function that sport has, but also because of the social role that sport fulfills in many people's lives. The Dirk Kuyt Foundation makes these sports possible for many people with a disability by focusing on adapted forms of sports. This could be wheelchair tennis, G-football and so on. Each year the Dirk Kuyt Foundation organizes about 175 events and we think that we can organize such an event with the members of Kraket on behalf of the Dirk Kuyt Foundation. 

In order to make this possible, the idea is to organize the charity auction which will take place in April 2021. Last year this auction was very successful so we want to do it this year as well. To make it a success again, we need your help!

Do you have a talent in which you can give a workshop? Or do you have so much stuff in your room that you are unable to find your bed? Or is there something you want to do for another person to make him/her laugh? If you have things or services that are great to be auctioned then please fill in the form below.

This way we can raise money to perform an activity together with Dirk Kuyt Foundation later this academic year. 

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