Book sales

Book sales

As a member of Kraket you can buy your study books with a discount! On this page you can find out how you can buy books with us and how it all works.

Sales in the Kraket room

In the Kraket room you can always drop by during opening hours to buy books (and to take part in a game of course). Ask someone from the board if they can help you with buying the books. You can easily pay with a PIN payment.

Sales in the VU Bookstore

You don’t want to have a chat with that one board member who is so annoying? Just don’t want to come all the way to the eighth floor? Or do you only have cash with you? No problem, you can buy the books at the same discount in the VU Bookstore. Show your Kraket sticker (which you can get in the Kraket room) at the cash desk and take advantage of the discount! You can pay with cash or by using a debit card.

Online sales

Now it is also possible to purchase your books online with the Kraket discount. Go to for this. Create an account quickly, order online and have your books delivered at home! You can pay online via iDeal. You can also buy used books online.

Second-hand book sales

Since last year, Kraket also sells and purchases second-hand books. This service will not be offered in the Kraket room, but online! Via you can easily find the range of second-hand books that are offered via the "Second hand" button. You can also easily have these books delivered at home. Do you want to sell used books yourself? Then go to "How does second hand work?" via "Second hand". At the bottom right you can click on "Second hand offering" to enter the ISBN-13 number of your book and your own details. From that moment your book will be put on sale. Only when we have found a buyer for your book you have to hand it in. You can do this at the VU Bookstore, where you immediately receive your money!


Since this year, members of Kraket following their first year of the bachelor will receive a discount on the platform AcaBoo. AcaBoo is an online book streaming platform where students have access to the complete book lists of 'Econometrics and Operations Research' and 'Econometrics and Data Science'. You can learn online by making notes, highlights, bookmarks and automatically formed summaries. You can also stop by the Kraket Room to test it out yourself! With the following link, any member of Kraket can profit from the discount:

  • MIcompany
  • Finaps
  • Flowtraders
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