The board 2019-2020

The board is responsible for the functioning of Kraket on a daily basis. The board members make sure that you can buy your books in the Kraket room, they make sponsordeals to fund activities, they keep in touch with other study associations and the VU and they supervise the committees. There's no Kraket-involved question you can't ask them!

Chairman: Thijs van Schie
Vice-Chairman & Treasurer: Stef van Veen
Secretary & Marketing Affairs Officer: Martijn van Heusden
Internal Affairs Officer & Marketing Affairs Officer : Sven Oldenburger
External Affairs Officer: Fleur Krijgsman

Chairman - Thijs van Schie

My name is Thijs van Schie, I am a second year student and I will be the chairman of the 48th board of Kraket. This year I will be the point of contact for the association and I will speak on behalf of Kraket on numerous occasions. Furthermore it is my job to lead our association in the right direction. Besides my role as chairman I will also support our External officer with her duties. You will be able to contact me on



Vice-Chairman & Treasurer - Stef van Veen

Hi! My name is Stef and I am the treasurer and the vice-chairman of Kraket. As treasurer I am responsible for everything within Kraket where money plays a role. I get all the drinks for the FriAfDri’s, placing the orders, invoicing and the booksale. As vice-chairman it is my job to support the chairman. Furthermore, I am responsible for the master committee as vice-chairman. In the weekdays I live in Uilenstede with 13 lovely roommates. I also play indoor football at Uilenstede with a team full of Kraketters. In the weekends I go back to Nieuwkoop to play football and to go to the bar with my friends. Hope to see you soon in the Kraket room!


Secretary & Marketing Affairs Officer - Martijn van Heusden

Hello everyone, my name is Martijn van Heusden and this year I will occupy the positions secretary and marketing officer! As secretary, I'll make sure the administration of our members and the information on our website are up-to-date such that everyone can register for all the fun activitities Kraket has to offer. In addition to this, I'll write most emails to the members and take minutes during board meetings and general members meetings. As a marketing officer, I'll take care of the technical aspect of the position, contrary to Sven, who manages our social media presence. This means that I will design all banners, flyers, posters and all other essential physical promotion. Besides all this I like to play trumpet in a big band and in the weekends I'm active as a scout leader. See you in the Kraket Room or at the next activity!


Internal Affairs Officer & Marketing Affairs Officer - Sven Oldenburger

Hey! My name is Sven Oldenburger and I am the Internal Affairs Officer and Marketing Affairs Officer of Kraket. As the Internal Affairs Officer it is mainly my job to be in charge of the committees of Kraket. Therefore, you will see me regularly in a meeting with one of the many committees of Kraket. As a Marketing Affairs Officer I am in charge of the socialmedia and the website. So, follow us on Facebook and Instagram to see my contribution as a Marketing Affairs Officer this year! Furthermore, I am not only supervising committees this year I will be also part of the "Wie is de mol"-Committee and I am really looking forward to organize this great weekend. Just like three others of the board I am living in Uilenstede with 13 lovely roommates. I have also been playing tennis since childhood and therefore I can regularly be found on the tennis court.But ofcourse I will be more often in the Kraketroom, so I hope to see you there soon.


External Affairs Officer - Fleur Krijgsman

Hi, my name is Fleur, and I am the External Affairs Officer of Kraket! This summer I visit a lot of companies together with Stef and Thijs. I am responsible for all the contact with the companies, the inhousedays and the other formal events. I hope to see a lot of you there! I am also the chairman of the Diversity and Development committee, which I was also a committee member of last year. When I am not busy with Kraket, I like to sport. I used to play hockey, but I quit last year because I moved to Uilenstede. Further, I go back to Alphen aan den Rijn every weekend, to meet with my friends. If you ever have any questions about a company or possibilities, you can always come to the Kraketroom!

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