The Board 2020-2021

The board is responsible for the functioning of Kraket on a daily basis. The board members make sure that you can buy your books in the Kraket room, they make sponsordeals to fund activities, they keep in touch with other study associations and the VU and they supervise the committees. There's no Kraket-involved question you can't ask them!

Chairman: Ivo Warmerdam
Vice-Chairman & Marketing Affairs Officer & External Affairs Officer: Lia Mendeszoon
Secretary & Educational Officer: Tristan de Keyzer
Treasurer: Amber Politiek
Internal Affairs Officer & External Affairs Officer: Estée van der Vlies

Chairman - Ivo Warmerdam

Hi, I am Ivo Warmerdam. This year I will have the challenging opportunity to lead our beloved association through the corona crisis as the chairman of the 49th board of Kraket. The times we live are is truly historical, and more than ever do we need critical, analytic thinkers who base their opinions on numbers and facts rather than emotions, as is the essence of what every econometrician tries to persue. It thus seems that having a vision and giving Kraket direction is now as important as can be, which will be what I will try to do this year. This year will however not only be historical because of covid-19, but also because this is the first year that the National Econometricians day will be organized by only members of Kraket, and I am lucky enough to supervise this commission. However, even in my most stressful times, you are always welcome to come and play Koehandel, discuss the influence of transgender toilets on Dutch politics, or simply have a question about analysis one. After all, as professor Dumbledore once said: help will always be given at Hogwarts Kraket, Harry Potter, to those who ask for it.


Vice-Chairman & Marketing Affairs Officer & External Affairs Officer - Lia Mendeszoon

Hi, I am Lia and coming year I will be the vice chairman and marketing affairs of Kraket. My job is to keep you up-to-date trough posters and social media. Besides the board I will be going to my second year of EDS so maybe I’ll see you class! You could wake me up for fries, chocolate and a lot of cake. I play hockey at HC Athena but what I like the most is drinking wine with my friends. Hope to see you soon :)


Secretary & Educational Officer- Tristan de Keyzer

Hey everyone! My name is Tristan de Keyzer and I will occupy the positions of secretary and  Educational Officer. As secretary I will be responsible for all admistration of Kraket. I am also reponsible for the Kraket website and i take the minutes during all general assemblies and board meetings. Futhermore, I also send most of the general mails, this means you see mee pop-up in your inbox from time to time. As Educational Officer I hope to improve the level of the education this year. If you have any problems, an unanswered question or just want to have someone to talk to: you can always send me a message on Whatsapp or send me en e-mail.


Internal Affairs Officer & External Affairs Officer- Estée van der Vlies

Hi, I am Estée van der Vlies and I will be the Internal Affairs Officer and External Affairs Officer of the 49th board of Kraket. I will be busy with supervising the different committees and setting up new committees, like the Speeddate-committee and the Sports- & Games-committee, which will both be new this year. I traded the southern part of Roosendeel for the beautiful student live in Amsterdam. I played hockey in the past and this year I will be playing hockey in our own Kraket hockeyteam. Furtheremore, you will see me in the Kraketroom, so dont be afraid to drop by for a chat!


Treasurer - Amber Politiek

Hi everyone! My name is Amber Politiek, I am a second-year student and at the 49th board of Kraket, I will take up the position of treasurer. As treasurer I am involved in all financial matters within Kraket. Think for example of book sales, purchases for drinks and activities and sending invoices.In addition, I will also be regularly found in the Kraketkamer to have a nice chat, but also to help you with something.
I hope to see you there soon or at one of our activities!


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