The board 2018-2019

The board is responsible for the functioning of Kraket on a daily basis. The board members make sure that you can buy your books in the Kraket room, they make sponsordeals to fund activities, they keep in touch with other study associations and the VU and they supervise the committees. There's no Kraket-involved question you can't ask them!

Chairman: Martijn Smink
Internal & External Affairs Officer and Vice-Chairman: Marit van Velzen
Secretary & Marketing Affairs Officer: Jesse Wassenaar
Treasurer: Dave Houtenbos
External Affairs Officer: Robin van der Huizen

Chairman - Martijn Smink

Hey! My name is Martijn Smink and this year the honor is mine to call myself chairman of study association Kraket. As a chairman you are the face of the association, the point of contact for both internal and external parties and responsible for the policy pursued. Besides, you are also responsible for all non-commercial external contacts. Think of the parties within the VU, such as the faculty, study associations and other employees. You will also keep in contact with the alumni association Extrie and the other study associations of the Landelijk Orgaan der Econometrische Studieverenigingen (LOES). In addition, I also plan to pass some courses, which will lead to a very busy, fun and challenging year. To get a bit of the necessary relaxation (and to stay in shape after the many drinks) I do play some football in the weekends. I am really looking forward to this year and hope to see you all in the Kraket room!

Internal & External Affairs Officer and Vice-Chairman - Marit van Velzen

Hii! I am Marit van Velzen and next year I have the honorable task of being an internal affairs officer, external affairs officer and vice-chairman at Kraket. As internal affairs officer I will ensure contact with members, I am responsible for a good distribution of the committees and will also supervise a number of these committees. As external affairs officer I am also responsible for the contact with the companies together with Robin van der Huizen. This is a nice combination with internal affairs officer, since in this manner I can maintain good and nice contact both inside and outside Kraket. As vice chairman, I will help Martijn where necessary. In addition to the busy board life, I will also try to keep up with my study. I started this year as a third year Bachelor student in Econometrics & Operational Research and I intend to divide this into two years in order to find a good balance between carrying out my board duties and studying. In any case, I'm really looking forward to this year and will do my very best to make this year a succes!

Secretary & Marketing Affairs Officer - Jesse Wassenaar

Hey, I'm Jesse Wassenaar, already 22 years old, and I'm in the third year of my bachelor. In the coming year, I will put the completion of my bachelor at a lower level in order to be the secretary and the marketing coordinator of Kraket. If you visit to the Kraketroom at a random moment you will probably see me sitting behind my laptop. Often I will be busy answering emails, designing posters, putting Facebook events online or working out the minutes of GAs that last five hours. But if you want to ask something, just call my name and I will be happy to answer your question. Besides working out minutes I also try to make some free time to play football, cook tasty things and watch films / series. I am really looking forward to my board year and I look forward to doing as many activities as possible with the rest of Kraket!

Treasurer - Dave Houtenbos

Hi, I’m Dave Houtenbos and this year I’ll be the treasurer of Kraket. A job with a lot of responsibilities, which I do with great pleasure. Everything related to finance falls within my duties. You can think of paying the many drinks that the members drink, placing orders, invoicing, arranging book sales and much more. In addition, I also organize the Wie is de Mol?-weekend, together with the committee of the same name. I also started my Masters in Operations Research this year. Finally, I am a little bit addicted to Netflix and you can always wake me up for an amazing karaoke evening. I'm really looking forward to a great year with the board and all members of Kraket, so I hope to see everyone back at the activities and in our beautiful room on the 8th floor!

External Affairs Officer - Robin van der Huizen

Hey! My name is Robin van der Huizen and this year I am an external affairs officer at Kraket. Together with Marit, I went to visit companies this summer where our beloved association has been working together with for years and also a number of new companies. My job is therefore to maintain the company contacts of Kraket and to organize career-oriented events. I am someone who likes to think outside the box and looks for new solutions. In the external field, there is certainly a lot to innovate and that is something I will be working on this year. I get a lot of satisfaction from helping people and that is why I want to help our Kraketters to get the best out of themselves and prepare themselves for the job market. In my spare time I love cooking with my sweet housemates at Uilenstede and I am trying to become a black belt at my kung fu academy in Amstelveen. In the weekends I often seek the peace of the countryside in the province of Groningen where I originally come from. I am looking forward to a very fun and educational year with many new challenges for myself and for Kraket!

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