About Optiver

 Over thirty years ago, Optiver started business as a single trader on the floor of Amsterdam's European Options Exchange. Today, they are a leading global electronic market maker, focused on pricing, execution and risk management. Optiver provides liquidity to financial markets using their own capital, at their own risk, trading a wide range of products: from listed derivatives, cash equities, ETFs and bonds to foreign exchange. Their independence allows them to objectively improve the markets and provide efficiencies for market participants.

 With 1000 Optiverians globally in Amsterdam, Chicago, Shanghai and Sydney this diverse team is united by the mission to improve the market. Thriving in a high performance environment, Optiver pioneers its own trading strategies and systems using clean code and sophisticated technology. What really sets Optiver apart from other companies is its openness, honesty and our colleagues. People have very strong opinions, but they are also open to listen and to change their mind if the facts presented by others have more value. The team shares the same goal, meaning that everyone pulls in the same direction and you as an individual care about how the person next to you is doing their job.

Our case

Econometricians have proven to be a great match for Optiver, hence our participation at the Kraket Case Day is a no-brainer!

How would you explain trading to a friend? Wall Street, staring at screens and pushing buttons? The reality is, there is more to Trading than you think. Hands-on experience is the best way to learn and that is exactly what we provide during our case. In a playful and inter-active way, we will cover topics such as Optiver's history and culture, Market Making, Option Theory, our recruitment processes and how to prepare in order to increase your chances of success.

Are you eager to challenge yourself and find out if you have what it takes to become a Trader? Join our cases during the Kraket Case Day!

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