About Friss

FRISS is 100% focused and dedicated to fraud detection and risk mitigation for non-life insurance companies worldwide. We are a tech-company and we help insurers all over the world with our software solutions. Our products detect fraud and help our customers to develop a profitable and honest portfolio. FRISS believes in honest and fair insurance premiums for everyone!

Working at FRISS means joining us on our expedition to make the world of insurance honest and transparent. Our BHAG ( is to be world leader in 2025 and we want achieve this through our international team.

We Care And Drive. “We care” for each other, our customers and the world. “And” is for the fact we think in possibilities. “Drive” stands for our ambitions, think big! That makes FRISS a joy to work at, we like to have good discussions! We want our FRISS’ers to be honest and pro-active. Only with new ideas, insights and collaborations we can achieve our BHAG and fight fraud.

Our Case

In our case you will experience a day in the life of a Data Scientist at FRISS! Your goal will be to create a model that predicts which claims have a higher risk of being fraudulent. At the end of the case we will know the characteristics often found with fraudulent claims. We will use this knowledge to tell an insurance company the story of their fraudsters!

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