The biggest formal event of the year of Kraket, the Caseday, will take place on November 7th in the Rosarium in Amsterdam. It is an educational day where you can meet 6 different companies by solving some of their interesting cases and to take advantage over the network possibilities during the lunch and the network drink. The companies that will take part are: CBS, Optiver, FRISS, Transavia, EY and Ortec Finance. Furthermore, there is a possibility to end the day with a delicious dinner for the students who have taken part. The program of the day will look like this:

8:45    – 9:15 Walk-in
9:15    – 10:00 Opening speaker Jack Esselink
10:00  – 12:30 Caseround 1 (CBS, Optiver, FRISS)
12:30  – 13:30 Network lunch
13:30  – 16:00 Caseround 2 (Transavia, EY, Ortec Finance)
16:00  – 17:00 Network drink
17:30 Dinner

Opening speaker Jack Esselink

Jack Esselink, data evangelist at IBM, will tell us more about the upcoming role of data and what role data science plays in this. He will lay focus on the importance of data science and in particular the data science trends. Furthermore, he will show how success in data science can be reached.


Registrations for the caseday are open.

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