MIcompany is an agency specialized in Big Data Analytics with offices in Amsterdam and Tel Aviv. With our team of more than 65 young and ambitious professionals, we build data analytics capabilities for international blue chip companies. Our goal is to capture the power of data analytics and create sustainable business value. We do this through impact programs in which we combine structured opportunity finding driven by data with building capabilities in the fields of people & organization, models & metrics and data & tooling.

In our projects we are constantly looking for opportunities to innovate. We implement the newest modeling techniques, use state-of-the-art technology solutions and create new data sources using advanced data capturing techniques like web scraping. But only if it contributes to sustainable value creation, our first priority. Therefore, we apply our business sense, cross-industry experience, and intuition to uncover growth potential. This combination of expertises led to long term relationships with successful national and international companies like bol.com, Achmea, KPN, booking.com and Het Concertgebouw.

Starting at MIcompany, you join an extremely talented and ambitious team environment contributing to a very steep learning curve in the fields of data analytics and leadership. We love to work with young talented people. In order to transform them into successful data scientists, it is crucial to focus on personal development. Through our 3-year Analytical Talentship program, combined with on-the-job coaching, you will develop an all-round analytical skillset that is unique in the market. At MIcompany we constantly challenge you to beat your own expectations!

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Website http://www.micompany.nl
Contactpersoon Laura Brandwacht
Telefoon 020 715 5290
E-mail talent@micompany.nl

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